Meet Hadron Knights


We are FTC team 12600 - Hadron Knights. Our team is made up of middle and high school students who live in Tampa, Florida. Meet our team below.



Aarush Prasad

 Hi, I'm Aarush. I am a senior at King IB. I am 17 years old and this is my third season of FTC. I also competed in FLL when I was in sixth and seventh grade. This year, I look forward to expand upon my knowledge of programming and to improve my presentation skills. I enjoy dancing, playing tennis, doing math, playing the piano, and robotics. I have learned a lot by competing in FIRST for several years and I can’t wait for this upcoming season. 


Arko Ghosh

My name is Arko Ghosh. I am an 11th grader going to King High School. I am the lead for the Engineering team lead for the Hadron Knights. Rover Ruckus is my 8th season as a part of FIRST and my 5th year in FTC. Outside my Robotics world, I play the trumpet in our school band. I also enjoy playing competitive soccer for the Tampa Bay Chargers. My favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona. I want to pursue a career in electrical engineering, concentrating in mechatronics. In the upcoming season, my team would like to design and build a robot that is agile, efficient and capable of handling highly dynamic maneuvers. We will work collaboratively with other FTC teams in Florida to share best practices and advanced technological skills.

Ishita Mishra

Hi, I’m Ishita. I am 14 years old and starting my freshman year at King High School. FIRST has been part of my life ever since I was in 4th grade. I have done 3 years of FLL and I am excited to be starting my third season of FTC. I’ve done FLL for three years on the Lego Masterz and completed my first season of FTC last year. With the Hadron Knights, I hope to learn more about engineering and design, and can’t wait to learn more from my coaches, mentors, and teammates. I play the clarinet and piano, and I also love to dance. I am excited to learn new things from my coaches, mentors, and other team members throughout the season.


Tushar Gona

My name is Tushar and I am a junior at King IB school in Tampa. In my previous experience, I have participated in the FLL Robotics and graduated to the FTC League. During my FLL season, I participated FLL with the Argonauts for a year, and we went to the Invitational tournament in Legoland, California. I am one of the founding members of the Hadron Knights in our Rookie year. For the upcoming season, I would like our team to gain more experience in building a robust robot capable to compete and win an award in the international competition. I would like to be a video game developer with a passion to be an author.


Nikhil Mishra

My name is Nikhil Mishra, and I'm a junior at King IB. I'm 16 years old and this is my third year with FTC and FIRST. This year I've switched to the engineering team to expand my skillset and hone my skills with power tools and metalworking. When I grow up, I want to pursue a career in business, preferably in the tech field. I'm looking forward to collaborating with the team and learning new things this season.



Anshul Raghuvanshi

I'm Anshul Raghuvanshi and I'm a junior at King IB. I'm is 15 years old and it’s my first season of FTC this year. I am excited for this season as it is so interesting and I look forward to improving my programming skills. I want to learn how a robotics works. Moreover, I want to set my career towards artificial intelligence or becoming a computer engineering. My hobbies include playing tennis, dancing, and FIRST Robotics!

David Tu

My name is David Tu. I am a 15-year-old sophomore at King IB. This is my first year in FTC and on the Hadron Knight’s Engineering Team. After hearing about the previous success from the veteran members, I gained an interest in joining the team. I aim to familiarize myself with robotics and the building process, all while developing skills in collaboration and team building. My hobbies include playing clarinet, piano; gaming; and streetwear. I am excited for all I will learn this season and hope this experience will help guide my future.


Rahul Vijay

Hi, I'm Rahul. I am 14 years old and I am a sophomore at King High School. This is my second season participating in FTC. I also competed in FLL when I was in sixth grade. This year, I am aiming to grow my programming and engineering skills, as well as improving my presentation skills. My hobbies include playing tennis, playing piano, and robotics. FIRST has been amazing to participate inside in the past, and I am eager for this upcoming season.

Megha Manoj

My name is Megha Manoj. I am 15 years old and a sophomore at King IB. This is my first year with FTC and FIRST. I wish to familiarize myself with the build and design process and contribute to the team. I also hope to broaden my skills such as in programming and CAD. In my free time I like to play the piano, dance, bake, and draw. I am eager to be a part of the team this year and I hope to learn valuable skills for the future..

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